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  1. Each Team that wins their recreational baseball league or recreations softball league Championship game will receive a $10, “Championship Bonus” which will be divided equally among each Team member (awarded in the form of a check made payable to each Team member or via a pre-paid debit card[s]). ARV: $10,
  2. The phrase comes from minor league baseball, in which some teams played on unkempt fields bordered by bushes, or in rural, "bush" towns. Primarily heard in US. Their operation is pretty bush league—no professionalism at all. The way you just let that forward go around you and score was bush league, dude—show some effort and play harder!
  3. ‘I once played in a bush league in South Trinidad where good batsmen had to ensure that they were never hit on the pads.’ ‘But in the s and s, it meant a ticket to the bush leagues.’ ‘So I went beating around the bush leagues with a couple of NBA scouts whose jobs are, admittedly, depressing - they have to scout the high.
  4. Bush League Meaning. Definition: At an inferior level. People use this as a way to call something amateurish. Origin of Bush League. This expression originated in America, and it comes from the sport of baseball. Bush league was originally slang for the baseball teams below minor league level.
  5. Brush is a common terrain feature found on the Fields of Justice that provides any unit that enters it a form of one-way stealth. Upon entering any brush, the unit is immediately rendered invisible to enemies outside of that particular patch of brush, a state that is represented when the unit's model takes on a partially transparent quality. The unit will remain invisible as such until it has.

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